Our Ethos


The long story

An Ethos of Sustainability

I began exploring dried and preserved arrangements as I sought to reduce wastage after weddings and repurpose some of the materials, as well as using seasonal botanicals from my own cutting garden.

When table greenery became ‘on trend’ around four years ago, it always bothered me that after hours of preparing buckets of fresh Eucalyptus and long set-ups, it all went into landfill the morning after the wedding – which led me to experimenting.

Hoping to come up with a more efficient and sustainable solution, I began my Preserved Garland range, which I have had in my inventory for around three years that I am refreshing and remodelling regularly to ensure they are always looking their best. Reusing the same materials also reduces the time needed to bind them, which means I can pass on the savings to my clients while keeping the same look and feel.

The sudden onset of COVID-19 of course had a dramatic effect on my wedding bookings, but it was somewhat of a blessing in disguise as it gave me plenty of time and spare flowers to experiment once again.

To turn my idea into reality, I began producing more preserved garlands and expanding my range to include bouquets, centrepieces and larger installation pieces. The final result is my event inventory that is now available to hire, a revolution in the wedding flower industry!

To maintain a balanced look, I source from all around the world, including Japan, South East Asia, New Zealand, Ecuador and Kenya, although I try to keep the focus on the flora of my adopted home, Australia. I preserve and dry some of the ingredients myself, buying locally whenever possible, including from a lovely couple in the Wheatbelt!