Help! What is the best placement for flowers at a wedding?

Mar 7, 2024 | Weddings, Budget Tips, Knowledge Series, Styling & Decor, Wedding Planning

Floral considerations for my wedding

The best placement for flowers at a wedding or your ceremony/reception can vary depending on the specific event, venue, and personal preferences. Below is a general list of places that you might consider decorating, along with some sample images showcasing our gorgeous range of dried and preserved florals for hire.


  1. Where should I place flowers for my outdoor wedding ceremony? For outside ceremonies, consider an arbour or non-traditional wedding structure marking the spot where you will be positioned during the ceremony. Our Large, XL, and XXL floral arrangements are ideal for creating impactful vertical displays.
  2. How can I decorate the church altar with flowers for my wedding? If there is an altar, place flowers on or around it as a focal point for the ceremony. Check with your priest regarding any restrictions as some churches consider altars holy, and do not allow flowers to get placed upon it, in which case we would decorate either side. We would use our linear pieces for altars to the centrepieces in fitted bowls. Alternatively left and right style structures like our metal towers with the large focals can be placed in the background.
    TIP: If you are more worried about budget than the best placement for flowers at a wedding, then only focus on this item/ ie don’t worry about the below points- its best to spend reasonably at your “polaroid picture” surround ie where most the images will be taken of during the ceremony which will be THE WEDDING COUPLE.
  3. What are some ideas for aisle flower decorations at weddings? Consider placing flowers along the aisle, ends of pews or chairs. We usually recommend our Petite posies in hanging jars which will later be repurposed at the reception.
    Some chair shapes such as bent backs or benches will make it tricky to hang, so we will sometimes also recommend tying on our Mini Sprays.
  4. How can I enhance the entrance with floral arrangements? Enhance the entrance of the ceremony area with flower arrangements , often these can be repurposed again at the reception.
  5. What are alternatives to the traditional petal toss at weddings?
    If you have always dreamed of the petal toss when you walk back down after the official I do’s – you can consider fresh, dried petals or other eco-friendly confetti. We are more than happy to supply the communal basket (which we recommend over individual bags or cones as often these litter the environment after use being blown around by the wind when the guests leave the ceremony area.


  • What are some ideas for our bridal table floral arrangements? Many people forget that again, like my TIP above, a lot of pictures will be of “the couple” so again, try to focus the budget around where you sit. This is why we often reuse the Large focal pieces from the ceremony to be behind the Bride and groom providing a lovely floral backdrop for you!
  • What about centerpiece options for receptions? The main focus of floral arrangements at the reception is usually the centerpieces on dining tables. In my opinion, these arrangements should be low enough to allow guests to see and converse across the table (i.e., out footed centrepieces or tall enough to still provide this line of vision (i.e., our tall stand or vase options). If you are having long tables, it is imperative that you consider the WIDTH of your table, there is no space usually on lush centrepieces, as by the time all your crockery and glassware is set you end up with about 20cm for decorations. Some examples: if you have a 95cm trestle table the place setting with glassware will take up about (finish examples later)
  • How should I arrange the floral decorations for my buffet or food stations? Decorate the buffet tables or food stations with your reused bouquets in higher vases, nothing too low to not contaminate the food or accidentally lean in.
  • What are some ideas for floral decor on cake tables at weddings? Depending if you have only a barrel, or more space, consider a reused bouquet or other smaller floral to add a touch of decor. For the Cake please speak to your cake maker, I have experienced many different kinds of bakers, some want to finish their masterpieces themselves, and would like us florists to provide matching flowers in advance, some don’t mind if we do the flowering of the cake (and we happily do) and some line up their delivery time with us being on-site and we will work together to do it. TIP: if you are planning on doing DIY or have a family/friend provide the cake please make sure they read up on how to decorate a cake with flowers and don’t just start pushing the flower stems directly into the icing)
  • What about the Gift Table & Entrance? Add a floral arrangement or two near the entrance and on the gift table to create a welcoming atmosphere. Again, we often reuse a bouquet here and have a vase ready.
  • What are some options for floral arrangements on lounge areas or cocktail tables? If there are lounge areas or cocktail tables for pre-dinner drinks, and the budget allows you can do some decor here- consider placing smaller floral arrangements or single flowers in vases on these surfaces.

Remember, you are not alone in this, if you trust us to help you then your vendors of choice will guide and advise you in all the above areas. We offer Bridal consultations at our home studio should you be interested in our services, please email