Cost Comparison of fresh flowers vs hire dried florals

Jul 24, 2022 | Weddings, Budget Tips, Wedding Planning

It breaks my heart to see gorgeous wedding blooms that have adorned the bridal table, arbour and bar end up in the bin after the last guest has left the reception.
Fresh flowers are beautiful, but that beauty can be fleeting, sometimes unpredictable and often expensive.

This got me thinking. How can I remove the uncertainty around budgeting, planning and delivering wedding flowers for couples?
And what is the best option for couples who love flowers, but are conscious of cost and waste?
It turns out that the answer was right under my nose. Hire them! Stay with me here…

I’ve always loved working with dried and preserved flowers and foliage. I’ve incorporated them into my designs for years now…it’s all about texture!
They’re the perfect medium for a drop-dead gorgeous hire range of affordable wedding flowers – Real Flowers for Hire.

I’ve created several wedding flower hire collections consisting of bridal party, ceremony and reception floral pieces which can be mixed and matched with my extensive range of styling décor to create a look that’s unique to you on your wedding day.

There are bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, centrepieces, garlands and a variety of arrangements for your bridal table, arbours and plinths. Plus, I can create special keepsake pieces to match your hired blooms.

When you return your hire flowers, I freshen them up for the next wedding. I like to think that the flowers soak up a little bit of love and luck from every wedding and pass this on to the next gorgeous couple.

If you’re into numbers, here’s a quick example of hired vs fresh.



Bridal bouquet



Bridesmaid's bouquet

(each) x 3

$200 x 3 = $600

$75 x 3 = $225

Arbour florals



Bridal table feature



Guest table arrangements compote style x 6

$200 x 6 = $1,200

$75 x 6 = $450




*Including 2 extra-large focal arrangement
**Including 2 garland pieces,2 mini sprays and a super gorgeous linear florals placed in front of the bride and groom

Hire blooms tend to come in at a third to half the price of fresh plus you can feel virtuous knowing that you’ve picked a sustainable option.

The Real Flowers for Hire collection caters for several styles including boho, luxe, rustic, and traditional, and is perfect for elopements, intimate nuptials, and full-scale weddings.

There’s something deeply reassuring about knowing exactly what you’re going to get on the day. Plus, your blooms won’t be affected by availability, quality issues or 40-degree Perth Summer days. What’s not to love!
Contact me here(link) if you would like to chat about rental options for your wedding.

Happy planning! xK