Real Flowers for Hire

Sustainable & Affordable event florals

Why buy when you can Hire?

My new flowers for hire range is targeted at clients with a limited decoration budget or those looking for a more sustainable way of enhancing your event décor.

These multipurpose dried and preserved real flower pieces have been designed to offer a more budget friendly alternative to fresh flowers, whilst still looking perfect.

From weddings to birthdays, christenings, baby showers, parties, product launches and more, there is a floral solution available for for every taste! Flower Nation will happily work with you to suggest solutions for your event, so please get in touch for more information and browse the range below.

For those of you that would like to know a bit more about why and how this hire range evolved, please read about my journey below!

How it works

  1. View the ranges online and see transparent pricing per piece.
  2. Enquire now- to get a quote for your delivery/set up costs.
  3. book in a time to come see the range and discuss your needs in more detail.
  4. The Contract is filled, a booking is made and invoices and any refundable bonds are paid.
  5. On the day before the event we will confirm your booking via SMS
  6. On the event date, delivery and set up will be performed by one of our staff members. (Separate wedding drop-offs can also be arranged)
  7. The day after the event (or at night time if bump out is required) we will come and collect the items or move them to a second location if required.
  8. Bonds are released back to clients within 7 days
  9. Enjoy the money you have saved on your decoration budget!

Click the link below to get started!

Ranges for Hire

Restrictions of hire

  • Not suitable for humid environments and functions with inclement weather or possibility of rain. See FAQ What if it rains? For more information
  • Do not use outside if exposed to the elements, some dyes are not waterproof and will start leaking colour if wet. (this applied to some of the pinks and darker colours) see What if it rains? What happens I they get damaged/broken?
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight for prolonged periods. See FAQ Can I use them outdoors? For more information
  • Preserved flowers and foliage are delicate and should be handled with care. Do not bend, squash or press the petals, leaves and stems. If they do get damaged please refer to FAQ What happens if they get damaged/broken?
  • If you notice a drop of liquid forming on foliages, this is normal and is the glycerine expelling especially in a change of weather. Simply wipe it off with a tissue.

Ready to work with me?

Either request a quote through our Flower Hire section, or reach out via our contact page or social media.