Fresh, Dried or Preserved wedding flowers?
which one is right for you?

Jul 24, 2022 | Budget Tips, Knowledge Series, Wedding Planning, Weddings

How would you like your wedding flowers…fresh, dried or preserved?

Couples have never had so many gorgeous floral options to create their perfect wedding day. While fresh flowers are the traditional choice, dried and preserved flowers are making a splash in wedding photos across the nation and the trend is predicted to stay.

In recent years, I’ve increasingly branched out into the domain of dried and preserved flowers, which lead to the creation of Real Flowers for Hire (link).

For those not in the know, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of fresh, dried and preserved flowers to help you decide which is best for your day.

Fresh flowers

Fresh flowers are either recently picked locally or imported from over east or overseas. Loved for their natural beauty, and if you choose well their heavenly fragrance (if you are looking for fragrance, local growers are your best bet).


  • As the name suggests they’re fresh and bursting with colour.
  • The abundance of varieties, colours and sizes make them a versatile choice across arrange of wedding styles from rustic to luxe.
  • You can create beautifully airy arrangements with lots of movement.
  • They allow you to create floral pieces that most closely mimic nature.


  • Expensive when they’re imported, at peak times like Valentine’s and Mother’s Days, or out of season.
  • Their beauty is fleeting especially in a Perth summer. Forty-degree days make flowers wilt and florists weep. Cue the water sprayer.
  • They’re seasonal which means you probably won’t be able to source peonies for your March wedding. Of course, you could always plan your wedding around your favourite bloom. 

Dried flowers

Dried flowers are fresh flowers where the moisture has been removed through a natural dehydration process like hanging them upside down in a dark, dry area (like grandma did). Modern dehydration methods include using silica sand or gel and ovens.


  • Vintage charm.
  • They’ll withstand Perth’s heat and wind without losing their form.
  • Sustainable choice because they don’t need water or refrigeration.
  • Texture, texture, texture (link to 2024trends blog).
  • Often less expensive than fresh flowers.
  • The perfect keepsake, lasting for years after your wedding day (with some fading).


  • They tend to be more sepia than saturated, but they can be dyed to make them more vibrant.
  • Over time they become brittle. Like all flowers they should be treated carefully, but a broken stem here or there just adds to their patina.
  • They lose their suppleness in the drying process and can look a little stiff. Good floral design will overcome this especially in combination with preserved flowers…

Preserved flowers

Once fresh flowers which have had the moisture replaced with glycerine. For floral charm that will stand the test of time preserved flowers are a winning investment.


  • Natural look and feel, similar to fresh flowers, and they come in a range of varieties, colours, and sizes.
    Year-round availability.
  • Tonka-tough and quite happy to party on through the summer heat.
  • Lighter than fresh blooms so they’re ideal for items like buttonholes, corsages, bouquets, and hanging installations.
  • They make a beautiful keepsake, lasting for years after your wedding day (with a little fading).


  • More expensive than their fresh counterparts, but they’ll last a lot longer.
  • Colour transfer may occur with bold colours in humid conditions.
  • Depending on the preservation method used, some preserved flowers may have a slight chemical smell. This fades over time.

Whether you prefer fresh, dried, or preserved flowers, each has its own charm and in the right hands can be woven into your dream wedding design.